You can use package below to log stack trace info of where the specific action was triggered. For instance, triggering a panic or logging a message.


package stacktrace

import (

type StackTrace struct {
msg string
path string

// New function constructs a new `StackTrace` struct by using given panic
// message, absolute path of the caller file and the line number.
func New(msg string) *StackTrace {
_, file, line, _ := runtime.Caller(1)
p, _ := os.Getwd()

return &StackTrace{
msg: msg,
path: fmt.Sprintf("%s:%d", strings.TrimPrefix(file, p), line),

func (s *StackTrace) Message() string {
return s.msg

func (s *StackTrace) Path() string {
return s.path


// Somewhere in the controller.go
st := stacktrace.New("Hello")
log.Printf("%s\n", st)


2019/12/26 00:38:47 &{Hello /internal/home/controller.go:24}