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Consider table below. We want to click on "view" link in a row that contains "inanzzz" as text.

HTML table

<td><a href="http://www.hello.com">view</a></td>
<td><a href="http://www.world.com">view</a></td>
<td><a href="http://www.inanzzz.com">view</a></td>
<td><a href="http://www.welcome.com">view</a></td>

Feature file

Feature: Test feature

Scenario: Scenario description
Given I am on "/"
Then the response status code should be 200
And I click "view" on the row containing "inanzzz"
Then I should see "Behat"


use Behat\MinkExtension\Context\MinkContext;

class FeatureContext extends MinkContext
* @When /^I click "([^"]*)" on the row containing "([^"]*)"$/
public function iClickOnOnTheRowContaining($linkName, $rowText)
/** @var $row \Behat\Mink\Element\NodeElement */
$row = $this->getSession()->getPage()->find('css', sprintf('table tr:contains("%s")', $rowText));
if (!$row) {
throw new \Exception(sprintf('Cannot find any row on the page containing the text "%s"', $rowText));