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We already know how to check if the email was sent or not but in this small method we're going to check if the email has attachments or not.

FeatureContext method

There is an example how to get all emails in this blog. Also the o:tag is what I use as a custom header when I send emails so it can be anything. There is an example about it as well.

* @param string $tag
* @Then /^an email with o:tag "([^"]*)" should contain attachments with PNG and DOC extensions$/
* @throws BehaviorException
public function anEmailWithOTagShouldContainAttachmentsWithPngAndDocExtensions($tag)
$extensions['png'] = null;
$extensions['doc'] = null;

$messages = $this->getAllSentMessages();
foreach ($messages as $message) {
$headers = $message->getHeaders();
if ($headers->has('o:tag')) {
/** @var Swift_Mime_Headers_UnstructuredHeader $oTagHeader */
$oTagHeader = $headers->get('o:tag');
$oTags = (array) $oTagHeader->getValue();
if (in_array($tag, $oTags)) {
foreach ($message->getChildren() as $child) {
$attachment = str_replace(
'attachment; filename=',

if (array_key_exists(pathinfo($attachment, PATHINFO_EXTENSION), $extensions)) {
unset($extensions[pathinfo($attachment, PATHINFO_EXTENSION)]);

if ($extensions) {
throw new BehaviorException('Attachment with relevant extensions cannot be found.');