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In this example we are going to convert string to binary and binary to string with PHP.


function strigToBinary($string)
$characters = str_split($string);

$binary = [];
foreach ($characters as $character) {
$data = unpack('H*', $character);
$binary[] = base_convert($data[1], 16, 2);

return implode(' ', $binary);

function binaryToString($binary)
$binaries = explode(' ', $binary);

$string = null;
foreach ($binaries as $binary) {
$string .= pack('H*', dechex(bindec($binary)));

return $string;


$string = 'inanzzz';
echo 'STRING: '.$string.PHP_EOL;
echo 'BINARY: '.$binary = strigToBinary($string).PHP_EOL;
echo 'STRING: '.binaryToString($binary).PHP_EOL;


STRING: inanzzz
BINARY: 1101001 1101110 1100001 1101110 1111010 1111010 1111010
STRING: inanzzz