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To create a custom exception in symfony, you can just follow the simple steps below. Assuming that we want to throw our own exception when we catch any exceptions.


# sport/src/Football/FrontendBundle/Exception/CountryException.php
namespace Football\FrontendBundle\Exception;

use RuntimeException;

* Triggered when Country entity related errors occur.
class CountryException extends RuntimeException

Throwing our exception

namespace Football\FrontendBundle\Controller;

use Football\FrontendBundle\Exception\CountryException;

class CountryController extends Controller
public function createAction(Request $request)
// Some process here

try {
// Some process here

} catch (DBALException $e) {
$message = sprintf('DBALException [%i]: %s', $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());
} catch (ORMException $e) {
$message = sprintf('ORMException [%i]: %s', $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());
} catch (Exception $e) {
$message = sprintf('Exception [%i]: %s', $e->getCode(), $e->getMessage());

if (isset($message)) {
throw new CountryException($message);

return $this->redirect($this->generateUrl('country_create'));