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This simple example demonstrates how to download a file. It gets the content from given URI and creates response out of it.


class MessageController extends Controller
* @Method({"GET"})
* @Route("/messages/{messageId}/attachments/{attachmentId}")
* @param int $messageId
* @param int $attachmentId
* @return Response
* @throws HttpResponseException|NotFoundHttpException
public function getAttachmentAction($messageId, $attachmentId)
try {
// Do something with $messageId, $attachmentId

$attachment['contentType'] = 'image/png';
$attachment['name'] = 'test.png';
$attachment['url'] = 'https://www.inanzzz/files/1';

$result = $whateverService->fetch($attachment['url']);

if ($result['responseCode'] != 200) {
throw new HttpResponseException(sprintf('Couldn\'t fetch file from [%s].', $attachment['url']));

$response = new Response();
$response->headers->set('Cache-Control', 'private');
$response->headers->set('Content-type', $attachment['contentType']);
$response->headers->set('Content-Disposition', sprintf('attachment;filename=%s', $attachment['name']));

return $response;
} catch (Exception $e) {
throw new NotFoundHttpException($e->getMessage());