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Information below covers what you need to know about most composer. Note: If you have installed composer globally then you can use composer instead of php composer.phar.


Add a new dependency

Adding a new dependency into composer.json with command line and install it.

php composer.phar require (or require --dev) inanzzz/inanzzz-bundle: 1.1.1 

Install manually added dependency

Installing a package which was added to composer.json manually.

php composer.phar update inanzzz/inanzzz-bundle

First time installation

Installing project first time.

php composer.phar install

Remove an existing dependency

Removing a dependency which exists in composer.json.

php composer.phar remove inanzzz/inanzzz-bundle

Remove a non-existing dependency

Removing a dependency which doesn't exist in composer.json.

php composer.phar update inanzzz/inanzzz-bundle

Remove composer cache

rm -rf ~/.composer/

Update composer itself

php composer.phar self update